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Model S51135
Spec 51.2V
Material Lithium Iron Phosphate
Colour Customized

Cell material: lithium iron phosphate

Series and parallel method (S series, P parallel): 16S1P

Nominal voltage: 51.2V

Nominal capacity: 135Ah

Size (mm): 1020*390*173mm

Weight: 85kg

Parallel support: support parallel Anderson interface

Output port mode: Anderson interface

Charging method: CC/CP/VP

Charging current: 0.2C (standard)

Maximum charging current: Maximum 1C @ 25℃

Charging cut-off voltage: 58.4V/CELL

Discharge method: CC/CP/VP

Discharge current: 0.5C

Maximum discharge current: Maximum 1.2C @ 25℃

Discharge cut-off voltage: 43.2V

Display: LCD

Communication interface: 485/232/CAN

Charging working temperature: charging: 0~ + 50°C

Discharge working temperature: Discharge: -20- + 55°C

Warranty period: 36~60 months

Scope of application: hospitals, bank data centers, wall-mounted homes, small and medium-sized enterprises, energy storage, backup power, wind and solar hybrid systems, offices, base stations, and other uninterrupted energy storage power supplies.